I am a Lord Kelvin Adam Smith Fellow at the Centre for the Study of Perceptual Experience within the University of Glasgow. My work focusses on the research questions within philosophy, and beyond, concerning the new Immersive Technologies of Virtual and Augmented Reality (VR/AR).

My academic background is in philosophy - particularly the philosophical issues around causation - and I earned my PhD jointly from the University of Glasgow and Macquarie University. I held postdoctoral research posts in Glasgow, and Hamburg, and a teaching post in Glasgow, before my appointment to the LKAS scheme in September 2017.

My industry background is in 3D visualisation, and associated technologies. I was a commercial lead for The Soluis Group, and co-founded the software arm of the company, between 2005 and 2010. When I returned to academia, I continued to consult with Soluis (and subsequent start-up Sublime Digital) on product design and commercial strategy as the immersive tech revolution took hold.

I am interested in the philosophical questions that arise from new Immersive Technologies and I am also interested in supporting colleagues and collaborators in realising their ambitions related to this technology. I offer CPD sessions to this effect, and I draw on my extensive experience working in industry to do that.

In addition to my VR/AR work, I continue to work on issues in the philosophy of causation, and on the potential benefit that philosophy can bring to safety engineering.

Besides philosophy I have a wonderful wee clan, all of whom I love to photograph. I am a camera geek because cameras can capture this, and I am a film camera evangelist because only film can do this.